Hurst Models Wessex Electric

Hurst whitemetal ends on Jouef MkIII coaches

Whitemetal end has had corridor casting added and brass buffers but has not had the lower skirt added.

Above - The power coach has had the underframe removed, the sides shaved down, and the brass overlays added.

Above - One of the inner ends showing the re-profiled doors

Above - Power car with underframe detail added behind is the wheelchair coach with one of the Toilet windows filled.

Above - The front skirt needs a fair ammont of metal removed if you want the bogie to swing freely.

Above - The Lima Sprinter power bogie installed.

Above - Both front ends in undercoat

Above - Wessex nose to nose with MJT 4TC

Above - The ends take on the livery

Above - After the first coat of NSE blue

I suspect the Bachman 158 bogies would look better.

Since 6/11/98

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