455 EMU cast in resin.

Resin bodyshells fitted with A1 models etched window frames.

The centre coaches, a Motor Second (MS) and a Trailer Seconnd (TS) were created by taking a pair of Dapol class 150 sprinter bodyshells and cutting them in half (actual cut is at 1/3 and 2/3 so that only two windows are taken from the second shell). This master was then used to create a rubber mould of the bodyshell, and the bodies are duplicated in polyurethane resin.

The bogies are Lima class 156 sprinter, although using these the coupling distance is a bit long, as the 156 is a 23m coach but the 455/150 is only 20m. The Dapol sprinter bogies were considered, but rejected as inferior, I could have used Hurst Models resin bogies as they are the correct pattern.

Underframe components are resin, based on plasticard masters, however I do not have a full set of underframe detail photo's yet to have finished the Driving Trailer Second (DTS) or the other side of the MS, The underframe itself is a simple girder/floor section however I did have shrikage problems with the first mould, so a second was prepared with more generous dimentions, this produces floors that need to be trimed a little to fit.

The MS and DTS showing some, but not all in the case of the DTS, of the underframe fittings, the original plan was to built first a Network SouthEast Dark blue, then a light blue set, but due to a disaster - I incorrectly masked the white area - I had to salvage the situation with a South West Trains livery

Above - shows the revised headlight/jumper cables of the EMU

Below - With the help of Alistair Rolfe of No Nonsense Kits I an building a second set with an ex MTK 508 trailer as a 455/7

Having built a 455 there were other obvious choices of EMU, the first is a 456 which is the 2 coach version of a 455.

These two photo's show the driving car bodyshell with the original cab window and door filled in and replaced with A1 etched windows and doors, and an MTK class 321 end that has had the recessed headlights filled in and replaced with etched Hurst WIPAC headlights, the jumper cable recepticles were sculpted from plasticard.

Since 2/7/00

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